Serious Disness

With Jehan Ranasinghe & Dave Bulmer

A very very grownup and sensible discussion of animated films by two silly people. (Theme tune by Bulby:

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HELLO AGAIN! Cor have you seen the remake of Mulan? Maybe don't do that! Maybe listen to this first? Yeah, we're back and we're back on the remakes, oh rapture! Finally, we've found a film [redacted] than Beauty and the Beast. I've redacted a word there, to create a sense of mystery over whether or not we enjoyed Mulan. This is a podcast episode made out of a stream we did on... youtube? Twitch? One of those, in the year 2020. If you missed it then, here it is now, and if you saw it then, that will not have any effect on whether or not it is here now, which it is.



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